Instead Of Concentrating On The Hand That’S Doing The Drawing, ολόσωμη δερμάτινη φόρμα
ολόσωμη δερμάτινη φόρμα, They are a hardworking team in a hardworking town, and their uniforms reflect that. Traditional and instantly recognizable, the Steelers have a great uniform. The Chargers powder blue uniforms are extremely popular. Julio Jones dons the Falcons' black throwback jerseys. Tom Brady models the Patriots' red throwback jerseys.Also, when fans buy the uniforms of their favorite players, they also want to look their best. So, here are some of the best looking NFL uniforms for 2020. Those gold numbers look absolutely gorgeous juxtaposed against the white uniforms, and the black outlines are a nice extra touch.The sleeve stripes, the sock stripes almost unheard of in today's NFL), the lack of a chest wordmark — it's all Just Right. Too bad they haven't thrown some Brian Sipe-era orange pants in the mix, but that's rumored to be coming in 2021. What on Earth were the Rams thinking in 1999 when they went from royal blue and yellow to navy and burnished gold? This purple uniform is a bit of a difference from the norm, also featuring white and gold. The helmets have beautiful matte horns, but the black facemask is slightly underwhelming.Replacing Pat the Patriot with the flying Elvis was worse than the Tuck Rule. But again, the thing that makes the road uniforms sing are the all-white uniforms with a white helmet. And let me make the general point that no team should ever wear solid-colored pants with a white jersey.I remember when the Broncos changed their uniforms to their current look and at the time they were cool. Something that not a lot of teams were doing and introduced a pretty cool logo. The navy-and-orange is a good look and the logo can stay the same but the uniforms are not traditional and shouldn't stay around forever. If you want a traditional uniform the need to go back to the 1996 uniforms. The Bills are another team that offer a great combination of uniforms. From the all-red color rush to blue-on-blue or mixing it up, Buffalo can give you a clean look every week.The Ravens have experimented around the edges with alternates, and everything has worked their seldom-seen purple-on-purple look is also very cool). Honestly, I would say this is one of the least likely NFL uniforms ever to change. Black and yellow is one of the best color combinations in sports, and these classics might be the best black and yellow uniforms in sports .Admittedly, the way football players look in their uniforms should not be the most crucial aspect of a football team. The way players perform on the field and work in unison deliver results is what we really need in a team. But on the other hand, we all want our heroes to look the part when they appear before cameras. Unsightly gear can have a negative impact on fans and players alike.However, these outfits don't quite compare to the Battle Red alternates. Granted, the Color Rush versions are still a good look that puts much of the league to shame, but the Texans set a high bar with the existing combinations. Similar to the Baltimore Ravens, the Los Angeles Rams have a Color Rush uniform that depends entirely on your views of certain colors. Only, in this case, the Rams are wearing a lot of yellow. While the jerseys and throwback helmets look fantastic, the yellow pants just push the uniform a little too far. There is so much yellow on the field that it actually begins to hurt your eyes.The white uniforms - worn primarily in road games - are a classic look to contrast with their black home uniforms. Whether they've been in Oakland, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, these have made for one of the cleanest looks in the sport. The Dolphins have one of the most unique uniforms in the league.

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